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Jhalawar District is one of the 33 districts of Rajasthan State which lies in the Hadoti region in southeast Rajasthan, on the edge of Malwa plateau.The Kali Sindh river flows northward through the center of the district. It is bounded on the northwest by Kota district, on the northeast by Baran district, on the east by Guna district of Madhya Pradesh on the south by Rajgarh&Shajapur districts of Madhya Pradesh and on the west by RatlamMandsaur and Neemach districts of Madhya Pradesh. Neighbouring largest district of Jhalawar is Kota which is 88 Kms away from Jhalawar headquarter and the State Capital Jaipur is 340 Kms away from Jhalawar, which is well connected by train route and by road as well. Jhalawar district court was established on 21-06-1977. The Jhalwar district is divided into six sub-division’s – Jhalawar ,Aklera, Bhawanimandi, Pirawa, Khanpur and Manoharthana .The District Court in Jhalawar, earlier used to run in old court building popularly known as “Garh Palace” Now, the District Courts at Jhalawar headquarter are running in new court building situated in Mini Secretariat since 02-03-2013.